International Opportunities

JCI provides many opportunities to make an international impact. This can be through Twinning projects with other Chambers abroad, traveling to International JCI Conferences or taking part in International Competitions.


In 2017, we visited JCI Manchester as part of the Twinning programme. JCI Manchester is expected to visit in the summer of 2018. 

The JCI Twinning Program is a voluntary and reciprocal agreement between national organizations or local organizations in different countries, regions or cities.

The motivation to twin originates from the members in two national or local organizations who wish to establish a mutual understanding and friendship. The objective is to exchange personal visits, ideas, projects, and culture. They forge diverse connections that provide a unique perspective on the increasing interconnectedness of our world. These experiences produce a deep understanding of the importance of diversity and global cooperation.


We have the opportunity to attend National, Area and World Conferences taking place in over 100 countries across the world. JCI is also partnered with the United Nations, and each Summer there is the chance to travel to the UN Headquarters in New York City to take part in our Partnership Summit.

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